"It's Friday." - Rebecca Black

Just a little video update for you guys and gals!  Enjoy! -David

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  • Awe!! Thank you so much for this video. I’m so happy that you are happy and excited about the new EP. can’t wait to hear all the new songs. Hope we can celebrate in person when the EP us released!!!

    • AnnMarie Giglio
  • Hi David!! Love your music.

    • Kensi
  • &, YES… Halloween Stageit Show, WAS “Fun…” ;)

    • Tana Burgard
  • Hey… I’ve been following the store, & catching bits & pieces of the blogs. Need, to back up. (Been having some issues, since late Aug. like the week, before my B-Day). :(
    (As in Tradition) Picked out (an early) X-mas gift, for myself. ;) (Before, they’re gone…) Forever, IN “SUPPORT” of You, your work. ;)

    • Tana Burgard
  • David you have no idea just how PUMPED I am to hear this whole EP once it releases! Like I know its gonna be so cool to hear more color tones from your individual creativity palette🧜‍♂️🌈🎸🎤🎯💡📀🎨
    So glad that you’re staying positive, keeping the anxiety at bay as best you can, staying still/present in the here and now and just loving every minute of this beautiful process. God is still so good🦋❤️💜 Take care and see you in 2021 in concert! We’re in this together

    • Frances Keller (Fran)