New EP Available for Pre-Order Now!

Hey, everyone! Thank you all so much for checking out this latest endeavor of mine! As many of you already know, I’ve been hard at work on this new EP and am really looking forward to finally sharing it with you all!

From this moment until the EP is completed and in your ears, I’ll be posting written and video updates, photos, and anything/everything else you could want to know about the EP’s progress, right here!

And check out just some of the exclusives that we’ve made available for this campaign - we’ve got signed CDs and vinyl, one-of-a-kind memorabilia and more on the way!

Again, I can’t say thank you enough and I’m beyond excited to go through this process WITH you!


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  • Wow! Can’t spell tonight! Anything you can “hint” at? Don’t want you hunting in the middle of an EP project…too many possibilities there……🌷

    • PurpleTulip
  • What’s going to be different about this new project? Anything you can hunt at? So excited to do this again with you! How about a sappy love song? Or 2?

    • PerpleTulip
  • This is so exciting!! Can’t wait to hear all the new songs. Hopefully we can all celebrate together at your record release party. I am a fan for life. Froggy

    • AnnMarie Giglio
  • David ! Cook Music !! Don’t need Pledge!! I can’t wait til we can all be together celebrated the Release of your New Baby! We have to name yiur new #DcEp!! I love this!! Miss you !! Love ❤️ NYCarole

    • NYCarole
  • David – I’m so happy you found the incentive to be so creative after being home 5 months ! It’s that Firahhh that fuels your “white soul” that won’t let you become a couch potato! It makes your dreams happen! I’m prouder than ever to be your #1 FanGirl! PS. I’m financially catching up as I was home 4 months without unemployment! Not too smart to work off the books .. You know I will support you and your music and your dreams always! Miss you .. miss Your live shows .. miss our chats .. miss your SnuggleHugs!! Stay Safe My ROck Shining Star 🌟

    • NYCarole