Hi Everyone!

Thank you so much for your support of The Looking Glass new project campaign! We wanted to update you about the status of shipments.

Due to unforeseen circumstances of shipping delays from our vendors due to weather and increased COVID precautions in processing and handling of goods, some items will not ship in the originally stated timeframe (April 16-23), including CDs.

There are shipments of other items going out this week and should be arriving to you soon! We are offering our sincere apologies about the delays and appreciate the patience and understanding you have shown during this time.

You are the reason the EP release has been such a success. You made last Friday a great release day and many of you tuned in to the first of three Mandolin live stream shows, making it a truly special night. 

Again, thank you for being the best fans out there! 


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  • How about an update?

    • Karyn Gruber
  • Hey TeamDC,
    Is there any update for the order fulfillments for these?
    Thank you :)

    • Laura
  • The last update for the album to be mailed was back in January. What is the status of my order? Can’t find a phone number or any other means to contact you.

    • Karyn Gruber
  • Please update when orders will be completed? It has been a whole year, 6+ months since album release release I have yet to receive any part of my order. Unhappy and disappointed. 😢
    Please advise.

    • Michelle Tacopina
  • Still watching and hoping to receive my signed vinyl… any updates?

    • Erin Corwin