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Hey everyone!

Wanted to touch base before the Christmas crazy peaks, and say thank you for so much this year.

THANK YOU, for tuning into all the StageIt shows this year.  They've been fun (not as fun as seeing all of you in person at shows) and a nice reprieve from this pandemic.

THANK YOU, for all the birthday love, as well as all the donations to the Race for Hope 2021 team!  

THANK YOU, for continuing to listen/stream/support "Reds Turn Blue" and "Strange World".  I am immensely proud of those two songs, so to see the response they've gotten from you guys is humbling.

And THANK YOU for being a part of this EP journey!  We're getting close!  1.75 songs to go until the recording portion is done, and then it's just ironing out the album title/visuals!  2021 is gonna be a blast!

To tide you over just a bit, I added a little in-studio teaser video of a song we just finished up called "Make A Move".  Enjoy! 

Happy Holidays!



P.S. If you're looking for something to fill up that last bit of open space in someone's stocking, be sure to grab one of the Gift Cards in the shop!  And be on the lookout for new additions to the store in 2021!

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  • I know we all are so ready to bust into 2021. 2020 has been a very humbling experience for us all. Before 2020 was over my body decided it wanted to participate in CoViD…not sure how I picked it up…but I have it. Praise the Lord it’s mild symptoms….but we are quarantined until the new year! So new music is always a great way for me to escape the craziness.

    • Jennifer Baker Baker
  • Thank you for all the shows. Merry Christmas

    • Jill