A week and a half in...

...and I am so humbled!  Thank you guys for making this first week and change a success!  It is so appreciated, and makes me all the more excited to share this EP with you as soon as possible!

As we begin this process together, I'll do my best to keep you guys in the loop as to where things are.  That means any writing, recording, photography, etc. that comes up!

In that pursuit, I'm excited to let you know that I'm headed back to the studio tomorrow and Friday to get cracking on another song or two for the new EP!  I'm going to be taking some photos and shooting some video of the studio experience so that I can share that with you, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

Also, some of the things we put in the store went WAAAAAY quicker than anticipated, so please keep looking out, as we will add more of some of those as we go through this.  To start, we'll be adding some more of the virtual meet and greets!

We'll also be adding something new!  As we get into the fall/winter, what better way to stay warm than with an exclusive DCEP hoodie?!?  Be sure to check it out!

Thanks again for supporting!  Gonna be a fun one.


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  • You are very welcome!! And thank you!! Love all the goodies!!

    • AnnMarie Giglio
  • You are very welcome!! And thank you!! Love all the goodies!!

    • AnnMarie Giglio
  • Thanks so much for bringing us along for this new chapter in your journey! It’s gonna be a fun time for sure!! 🎶❤️

    • Deb Quimby
  • Yaaaaaay BTS stuff!!!!

    Thanks for this ❤️ 2020 is redeemed now

    • Nitya
  • I love updates! I thought this was a great way to build up pre-music release excitement the last couple of times we did this with you, but during COVID? Oh my, do we need this. Thank you for being a wonderful and much needed distraction. Good luck in the studio this week!

    • NEMO