Welcome to March!   We are in the month before the month where "The Looking Glass" is out in the world!  I may be a little excited about that.  I went back today and listened to the finished versions of these songs, and I can't wait for you guys to hear them!

But before we get there, there's plenty to do.  PLENTY.  TO.  DO.  

For instance, (drum roll) here are the official designs for the tote bag and the pop socket!  Super happy with how these turned out, and I hope you are too!


Also, after the response I got to the canvas prints of the single covers, I'm adding a canvas print of "The Looking Glass" EP cover, designed by yours truly!

canvas print

There'll be more to come as we get closer to 4.16.21, but I couldn't wait to share these with you.  So... TA DA!!!!!!!


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  • That design for the pop socket with the logo on the middle? Love it. It would make a FAB design for a vinyl (car) window sticker/cling. I have been wishing for a decent non-paper sticker for my car ever since that logo appeared!

    • Karen P.
  • This is all very exciting!! Just wish we could celebrate the release live!! Hopefully SOON!!❤️🐸❤️

    • AnnMarie Giglio
  • NICE! ^Work! ;) (Excited…) <3 ❣️💖

    • Tana
  • Well, “soon” is here….almost. So excited to hear these tunes. Thanks for sharing and the StageIt shows! Keeping me alive…..

    • PurpleTulip
  • So great, can not wait!!!

    • pam simmons