Just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to all of you!  This EP was such a different challenge, and I couldn't have done it without your support.

A quick reminder that the store will remain open only until 4/23.

Another quick reminder that our Mandolin show series starts this Sunday, so if you haven't already done so, and want to join us, head on over to, and scroll down 'til you see my mug (right under Dionne Warwick!) and snag your tickets!

Again, THANK YOU all so much!  Can't believe it's finally out in the world!  Go enjoy it!  Repeatedly, if you're so inclined.


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  • I’m loving this new music. Your vocals on tonight’s show were some of the best I’ve ever heard from you; acoustics were terrific! Just freaking love everything about you … always have and always will <3333 (blue hearts)

    • Mary Ann (MADCookieFan)
  • Thanks for sharing another set of music with us, David! I really love this EP. I think my faves right now are Fire and Going Back. Love the expansion into new sounds, and as everyone is saying, you and Andy make a great team!

    • Katie
  • Words are not enough to tell you how incredibly proud of you I am. What you’ve done and who you are opening yourself up and creating this from what you felt/experienced honestly and fearlessly from your heart.
    Every song, every time, I appreciate something, a lyric, a piece of music, a vocal, differently while listening. And I love the way I feel falling into it. That sense of reflection, still looking ahead all while living in the moment and knowing the world is as good as we make it and that it will be good. There’s reason for hope, a new time.
    Just as I said before, this is another masterpiece but with its own identity growing as you have.
    Thank you is not enough for all you’ve shared but that’s all I can do. Gratitude and respect…
    Congratulations to you and Andy on “The Looking Glass”, truly is music that is among the most brilliant ever made. Beautifully done! 💙

    • Carolann Hynes
  • David!! This EP is so so so so good and a straight ear worm! Love supporting you along this process and will continue to do so of course!

    • Frances Keller
  • Woke work you & Andy, breathed into this one, Dave. The uniqueness of your work has always been a top reason I love it.

    When you said in a vid clip, “you never know what you mean to someone else,” (not exact quote) my heart fell to my feet. The dysmorphic way we see ourselves is never how others see us. And we don’t have to be BFFs to just be kind humans. It isn’t necessary to know every private detail of someone’s life to admire them, enjoy their work, support their efforts, share common issues….I’m not some weird arse groupie. I just love your music, know you are a kind, humble, hilarious & decent man with a heart of gold.

    Thank YOU for sharing so much of you with us. You’ll never know how much you mean to me through your music and watching you over the years. Blessings & Peace. ☮️🙏

    • PurpleTulip