Ringtone / Voicemail Recording

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Picture this – you’re out with friends. Your phone rings. Is that David Cook speaking? It could be, if you have your own personalized David Cook ringtone! Be the envy of your friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and/or random strangers!

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Image is Illustrative - Not Final Design / Actual Item

This item is either one Ringtone or one outgoing Voicemail message recording.  Prior to fulfillment, we will contact you via the email address used when ordering to obtain your request.  Should a request be rejected for any reason (David reserves the right to reject any request for any reason), you will be notified and will be given the option to submit an alternative request.  This item is subject to fulfillment prior to the week of release.

Orders are scheduled to be fulfilled the week of release (unless otherwise stated), but are not guaranteed to arrive on the release date. Any additional item(s) ordered with the pre-order EP will be held and shipped together with the EP.