Hey everyone!

Wanted to touch base before the Christmas crazy peaks, and say thank you for so much this year.

THANK YOU, for tuning into all the StageIt shows this year.  They've been fun (not as fun as seeing all of you in person at shows) and a nice reprieve from this pandemic.

THANK YOU, for all the birthday love, as well as all the donations to the Race for Hope 2021 team!  

THANK YOU, for continuing to listen/stream/support "Reds Turn Blue" and "Strange World".  I am immensely proud of those two songs, so to see the response they've gotten from you guys is humbling.

And THANK YOU for being a part of this EP journey!  We're getting close!  1.75 songs to go until the recording portion is done, and then it's just ironing out the album title/visuals!  2021 is gonna be a blast!

To tide you over just a bit, I added a little in-studio teaser video of a song we just finished up called "Make A Move".  Enjoy! 

Happy Holidays!



P.S. If you're looking for something to fill up that last bit of open space in someone's stocking, be sure to grab one of the Gift Cards in the shop!  And be on the lookout for new additions to the store in 2021!

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  • Hey David,
    Thanks so much for the virtual meet and greet on Thursday night. I have been waiting years to actually talk to you for more than a few words at regular meet and greets. This was so wonderful. Thanks for being so easy to talk to. Please do more virtual meet and greets soon! I had trouble calming down and being able to sleep that night. I was so excited. The only problem was the meet and greet went by too fast. I hope you enjoyed talking to me as much as I enjoyed talking to you. See you at Stage it show tonight and at more shows in the future. Looking forward to the new EP!! PS come to Mifflinburg or Lewisburg PA anytime. Rusty Rail Brewery is a very cool restaurant in Mifflinburg. I forgot to mention it in the meet and greet. Also check out Country Cupboard in Lewisburg. Hope to see and talk to you again soon. Tracy ❤️

    • Tracy Bieber
  • During a tough year, the StageIt shows, Stationhead and new music were lifelines to sanity. So much of what enhances our days is out of reach right now. Thank you for, fundamentally, delivering hope. The hope of being with friends again, and you. I always forget to include that. Sorry. (Guess I assume that’s a given. LOL) And hope that there’s a return to life outside our four walls. It’s been great to see you (ditto to everything Rachel G. said). Wishing you and R a terrific year ahead. Looking forward to more of the new music. You’re knocking it out of the park with this set. Can’t wait for the new EP.

    • Sharon
  • Amid the dumpster fire that is 2020 (fading in the rear view mirror), thank you for something to look forward to that is the best antidote for forced isolation — new Dave music! 😁

    • Karen P
  • David Thank You! Thank you for caring about all your fans and doing all the Stageit shows. As always you are spoiling us. Even though I love going to live shows, I have to admit I will be missing the Stageit shows every few weeks. During this pandemic I have been lucky enough to continue going to work through it all. Volunteering as part of the skeleton crew at the law firm I work for. I would go to work then home. So I had some normalcy in my life. The only thing that I really missed was, of course, your live shows and being able to meet up with my DC family at those live shows, going out to dinner with my husband and sister, going to Broadway shows, etc. Your Stageit shows definitely helped with keeping some fun part of this pandemic. You will always be my favorite artist and when live shows return I will definitely be there! Loving the new single Strange World. Can’t wait for the new Ep and more new songs from you. Merry Christmas to you and your family and wishing you a very Happy New Year. Hoping 2021 will bring us all together again. Much love and thanks for all you do for us! 😊❤️

    • Dawn Fischer-Krowl
  • Thank you, David!
    You’ve given us some of the highlights of an otherwise difficult year. It’s always been the happiest part of the day to be able to tune in to your shows! Thanks so much for the music we always enjoy listening to.
    Happy Holidays!

    • Zara Naseem