"It's Friday." - Rebecca Black

Just a little video update for you guys and gals!  Enjoy! -David

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  • Ahhh! The awesome anticipation of being able to await new music, for real❣️Even knowing the titles is an anchored feeling in a floating world…thank you so much for these updates! Eager to hear the way the demo on “Fire” has changed in the studio, and how strange is “Strange World”! 🎶🎶

    • D. Tetterton (Incipit))
  • Yes this has been an interesting week. Looking forward to hearing these new songs and playing the EP in my car everyday driving to and from work! Strange World and Fire! Sounds very interesting! 😀

    • Tracy Bieber
  • Thanks for the vlog. Glad to hear another song name and some background. Say hi to Andy!

    • Helen Diklich
  • Thanks for the update! Looking forward to the new songs!

    • Karen