"It's Friday." - Rebecca Black

Just a little video update for you guys and gals!  Enjoy! -David

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  • Yay!!! Cannot wait to hear these songs! Thanks for the updates 🤓

    • imogenph
  • Thank you for the video update David!! I’m so happy excited for you and looking forward to the new EP. I love you Dave- I’m so happy proud to be your fan and amazing supporter! Really miss live music and concerts.. hope we can move forward and bring it in 2021! I can’t wait for to hear all the songs soon! So excited yippee! Love, Sothia ❤️💙💜🥰😍😘🙏🏻💕🎶🎵🎸👏🙌🏻🤘🏻

    • Sothia Chhoeum
  • Well, someone is making good use of quarantine time & seeing you sooo happy and stoked about this project is an extra bonus. Let’s face it, nothing you release into the world sucks. Everything is perfectly timed, needed & reflective of relatable human experiences – especially in this crazy time. Having you & your music makes every day better. Thanks for just being you. 🌷

    • PurpleTulip🌷
  • Hi Daviddd! I’m LOVIN this video chatting! I was in such a bummed mood until all your excitement came right through and now I’m excited too!! You’re wearing your ❤️ .. and the new song has been burning in yOur soul from the first!! You’re the #Firahhhhh BABEE!! I can’t wait ! So happy you’re in the studio AGAIN!! It’s a very #StrangeWorld … but somehow I know you will make it All Better! Love seeing you happy & excited again! Take care of yOu .. I’m so proud of ALL THAT YOU ARE !! Hugs!! 🔥🔥🔥

    • NYCarole
  • Well, hi there! It’s so good to hear from you – love a good progress video chat, lol. Good to know that you’re having fun in the studio AND feeling good about the work. Take care – which I’m so glad that you are!

    • NEMO