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Hey Hey Hey!

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Hey hey hey!

Forgive the absence over here in blogland, as of late.  Between all the craziness that ended the year, and trying to get this new EP finished, I've slipped on my blog duties.  But the silver lining to that is, there's plenty to talk about!  So, with that said, onto the news...


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Hey everyone!

Wanted to touch base before the Christmas crazy peaks, and say thank you for so much this year ...

Download my new single, Dec 4th!

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I am so excited to announce that my new single, "Strange World," will be available December 4th. If you ...

"It's Friday." - Rebecca Black

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Just a little video update for you guys and gals!  Enjoy!


Hey everyone!  I hope you guys are all set for tomorrow and my favorite holiday of the year!  As a kid, Halloween was fun on it's own, but also represented the beginning of all of these special days coming together.  Halloween.  Thanksgiving.  My birthday.  Christmas.  Winter break from school.  New Years.  Like clockwork...